Adversity is no stranger to Keller Williams Real Estate Professional Melonee Piperi. In the days before Tropical Storm Harvey bludgeoned the city of Houston, Melonee was at her daughter’s side after she broke her leg in two places and had to wait days for surgery. Then the storm hit and like so many Houstonians, she lost a property to the rising flood waters. With only a few days reprieve, she was back at the hospital, only this time praying over her mother who fell ill. That’s just September plus a few days. But these aren’t the worst storms Melonee has had to face.

Nearly twenty years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. With the grace of a southern woman swatting a fly, she pressed on and fought, moving past this dark time in her life. Of course, it was difficult and she’d never let on that it was. If you know Melonee, you know she lives, eats and breathes family, people and real estate. She spent the years after in remission while building her successful Moving Houston Team at Keller Williams to the top one percent of the world’s largest real estate franchise and enjoying the relationships that she built with clients, many of whom became friends. Then, the unthinkable happened…again. Another breast cancer diagnosis in 2013. For nearly a year, she stayed at home enduring her treatments, surgeries and healing while plugging away and praying. Her team had the business covered and hardly anyone even knew she was sick. In fact, the team further grew the business within the top one percent ranking in the world.  An important relocation client called a meeting and she had to be there. Weak and bald, she got up, got dressed, donned her beautiful wig and made her way to Starbucks where she arrived early to gather herself. She breezed through the meeting with her friendly smile, exuding her charm and vast knowledge of the market and won the account.

“Perseverance. You have to persevere,” said Melonee. “Every day, just one step at a time no matter how small, you just persevere.”

The diagnosis has served as a valuable tool to help her two daughters through the years. “They both have the hereditary BRCA gene so they are followed closely in a clinical trial,” said Melonee. The Piperi women are involved with FORCE – Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered – a non-profit organization that supports individuals and families affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. “This organization has been instrumental in helping me and my daughters. So much has changed in the years since I was originally diagnosed and FORCE is right there in the middle of the challenge with research and clinical trials,” said Melonee.

Three years later, she feels blessed as her health has been restored once again. In the month of October, the Moving Houston Team is contributing five percent of the proceeds earned in the month of October to the efforts of FORCE. Just another way to spread the message to always persevere.